Beautiful natural stone tiles and mosaic


Which mosaic to choose for the bathroom?

Artistic and joyful, colorful, the mosaic is a choice addition for your bathroom. We choose it whimsical in shades of shimmering colors, or so tone on tone, for a personalized effect at will. Côté Maison presents a selection of bathrooms skillfully enhanced by the mosaics which green sukabumi stone tiles with beautiful looks.

You have a multiple choice of mosaics. All in classic fragments or squares, in designer diamonds or ornamental bursts, ceramic and glass come together for an incomparable shine effect with amazing world famouse indonesia natural stone supplier.

The watertight appearance of the mosaics makes it an ideal covering for the bathroom. Bright, they are vectors of reflections. Colorful and diverse, they recall the Barcelona architecture of Gaudi. In the dark tones of taupe and anthracite, the mosaics play with an assumed and elegant boyish style. All in offset azure blue, they assume their most retro pool effect. A partial application brings an art of detail and subtlety. In covering application, a color-block waterfall effect occurs. Furnished with mosaics, the bathroom sees its space more easily delimited, with a more assumed style.


1 Hcienda design inspiration for this walk in shower

Which mosaic to choose for the bathroom?

This stylish and trendy bathroom proudly displays the mosaics of its architectural open shower. Alternating between mouse gray and anthracite, the tiles are chosen small, for a sophisticated and contemporary effect. The ranch style accessorizes the room, making this bathroom very warm. Chosen to be imposing, the cactus brings a green effect to the room, its camel planter matching the woody colorimetry of the raw scale.


2 The Japanese pattern of Serigraph waves is revisited in mosaics

Brightening up the bathroom with pop and laughing patterns this traditional Japanese style is reused in a contemporary way. Very significant, its rectangular and localized position allows an optimal redefinition of space.

The shades of shades give a trendy scale effect, to the roundness reinforced by the circular and central mirror. The Mayan blue tiling of the adjacent wall surfaces marries the half timbered ceiling, as well as the raw ground. For an airy appearance the shower is chosen Italian, partially glazed for more transparency.


3 This bathroom is enhanced by its lengthy mosaic floor

Urban, this bright and up-to-date bathroom gains in style thanks to a patterned flowerbed in a hue of natural inspiration. The contrasting tones of the room, alternating between the black of the furniture and the white on the wall, are nuanced by the appearance of Matt mosaics, in total coverage of the floor. The curtains of pastel lichen soften this set with timeless elegance.


4 Canary yellow mosaics a source of fantasy for the bathroom

Aimed at pop color enthusiasts, this flat, lemony mosaic brings joy and energy to a bathroom without an external light source. To avoid an overloaded effect, the tiles with primary colors are tempered thanks to the pure white of the walls, which remains predominant. The design guarantee of these atypical mosaics is played in the accessories. The modern lines of the hanging lamp, the fire red coffee table, the arty coat rack and the string of trinkets give the room a very contemporary style. The mottled chair repainted in a quirky tone goes perfectly with the mosaics.