Bottleless Water Coolers: The Modern Drinking Experience


Minimalism and sustainability are the key words of our time. So why not apply the “less is more” principles to your water coolers too?

Bottleless or Point-of-Use (POU) Water Coolers are a must-have technology for any home and office. Unlike the traditional bottled water coolers, our products here at can save your money, time and the environment. Read on to find out why you should go bottleless with us.

Endless Water Supply

You know this scenario: the bottled water cooler won’t give you water, even if it’s not empty yet. The direct connection between bottleless water coolers and your water system means you don’t have to worry about running out of water.

Minimalist and Convenient

Say goodbye to those huge, bulky, back-breaking water jugs. You don’t have to worry about spraining your muscle from lifting heavy bottles anymore, or spilling them, or where to store them. Save space with the products we offer.


Research shows that bottleless water coolers equals 900 less five-gallon water jug waste clogging up landfills. Water bottle deliveries also release a lot of carbon footprints. Switch to the POU system now and save the environment.

Long-term Cost Saving

Bottleless water coolers might be more expensive than the bottled ones upfront, but they pay off in at most one and a half year. On the other hand, the cost for water bottles makes the bottled system more expensive in the long run, and that’s not counting the delivery.

High Quality

Bottleless coolers use a sophisticated filtration system, but it’s very easy to use. Our machine has top-notch quality and durability with virtually no maintenance needed.

Our Products

Don’t you want your own bottleless water cooler now? Click here to see our products. They come with long-term warranty and we also have different prices to suit your ability. So, get yours today and enjoy free shipping!