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Where to Sell Your Antique Wash Basin


Does your wash basin show evidence of years of wear and tear? Are there cracks, bubbles or scratches on the surface? If so, you may have an investment to sell. Check out these steps to help you find a buyer for your antique wash basin.

You can always find a buyer in Australia for your washed basin. However, you will need to keep a few tips in mind before you start searching for buyers.

First, you’ll need to know who you’re selling to. Make sure the buyer you’re selling to understand what you’re selling. Your wash basin should be a suitable gift for any occasion, but if the recipient isn’t interested in the item, don’t make them feel obligated to buy it. It may be tempting to offer a much larger and more expensive item to a person who wants to buy a less expensive one, but you need to make sure that they can afford it.

Your next step is to find an online auction site that sells antique items. This may require you to visit multiple sites in order to find one that will accept your basin.

Next, you will need to know what your local guidelines are for selling your basin in Australia. Remember that you’ll be considered a waste paper carrier, so you won’t be able to sell your wash basin unless you have a professional remittance from an Australian company. Use your financial adviser to find out about the requirements.

Last, you will need to find a place to sell your basin in Australia. Remember that you’ll be selling your wash basin to another person, so you’ll need to provide them with a buyer service that allows them to pay for your used product. Make sure that you find a place that accepts you as an online buyer so that you can sell to your customers without leaving your home. Once you’ve found a new owner for your wash basin, remember to take care of it. Clean the inside of your basin and change the contents. It’s also a good idea to add a protective layer to your basin with a fresh coat of shellac.

The cost of cleaning and maintaining your wash basin are really minimal. It’s really up to you to decide how often you want to clean it. If you’ve invested in a low maintenance wash basin, this is probably not necessary, but it’s certainly a nice thing to do.


Bottleless Water Coolers: The Modern Drinking Experience


Minimalism and sustainability are the key words of our time. So why not apply the “less is more” principles to your water coolers too?

Bottleless or Point-of-Use (POU) Water Coolers are a must-have technology for any home and office. Unlike the traditional bottled water coolers, our products here at can save your money, time and the environment. Read on to find out why you should go bottleless with us.

Endless Water Supply

You know this scenario: the bottled water cooler won’t give you water, even if it’s not empty yet. The direct connection between bottleless water coolers and your water system means you don’t have to worry about running out of water.

Minimalist and Convenient

Say goodbye to those huge, bulky, back-breaking water jugs. You don’t have to worry about spraining your muscle from lifting heavy bottles anymore, or spilling them, or where to store them. Save space with the products we offer.


Research shows that bottleless water coolers equals 900 less five-gallon water jug waste clogging up landfills. Water bottle deliveries also release a lot of carbon footprints. Switch to the POU system now and save the environment.

Long-term Cost Saving

Bottleless water coolers might be more expensive than the bottled ones upfront, but they pay off in at most one and a half year. On the other hand, the cost for water bottles makes the bottled system more expensive in the long run, and that’s not counting the delivery.

High Quality

Bottleless coolers use a sophisticated filtration system, but it’s very easy to use. Our machine has top-notch quality and durability with virtually no maintenance needed.

Our Products

Don’t you want your own bottleless water cooler now? Click here to see our products. They come with long-term warranty and we also have different prices to suit your ability. So, get yours today and enjoy free shipping!


Easy Kitchen Improvement with Peel and Stick Subway Tile Backsplash


When you are thinking about getting your kitchen a little upgrade, you need to find something missing there and installing a backsplash could the right solution. Backsplash is a tiles or patterned stone installed on the wall right on the kitchen counter area. Backsplash protects the wall from splashes of water, oils, and other possible materials from the cooking area. Installing the right backsplash can significantly improve your kitchen as it will look cleaner, better hygiene, and visually more appealing.

Well, many of us would think that installing a kitchen backsplash isn’t just a little upgrade but much bigger one. The walls need to be treated, the tiles must be installed precisely, and of course, it takes time while at that time, you practically can’t use the kitchen. Don’t forget that the budget could be enormous. Thankfully, there’s an easy and more affordable way to get your kitchen a fine-looking backsplash it deserves. All you need is peel and stick subway tile backsplash.

This product is set of subway tile with adhesive on the back. With new peel and stick technology, the subway tile can be installed on the wall. The adhesive is very strong and once it is installed, it would stick to the wall for years. This product is suitable for different applications from laundry room, bathroom, and kitchen backsplash. The tile and the adhesive are water and oil resistant to ensure its high durability for long term.

Here at Clever Mosaics, you can find wide selections of peel and stick subway tile backsplash covering varieties of tile shape, pattern, and color. Browse through the selections and you will easily find the perfect one that fits your kitchen decoration concept. Each set are offered at very interesting price and you’ll find significant saving compared when you choose to install kitchen backlash conventionally.

The best thing about this product is it would make a great DIY project. As mentioned above, the installation is very simple and easy. You will only need to peel the protective layer on the backside to expose the adhesive layer and stick in on the wall. All you need is patience and precision. No need to hire professional installer and that means, another saving on the budget.

Luxury kitchen design with a style apart


Do you want to buy or renovate your kitchen?

The Archis House offers many styles and styles of cuisine: a modern kitchen, design or luxury, which will seduce you? Discover their characteristics and find the kitchen that will meet your expectations in terms of performance and aesthetics.

MODERN kitchen

Interior Design Kelapa Gading is today the trend. This style is suitable for households wishing an interior in time. Modernity also means design, functionality. The great kitchen designers and you have created simple and chic furniture, but also at the forefront of technology. The modern kitchen is often equipped with modular furniture, trendy colors and a simple but practical side. The Maison des Archis, cook on Toulon, offers you kitchens combining flexibility of composition and ergonomics.

Treat yourself to modern cuisine by choosing from the many models presented on the website of La Maison des Archis, or come and discover them at the Toulon showroom. Find your ideal modern kitchen that is cheap, customizable and tailor-made.

DESIGN kitchen

A true trend of the moment, the Interior Contractor Kelapa Gading Rawasari furnishes your interior perfectly. If you want an aesthetic kitchen and up to date, the kitchen design is for you. The designer partners of La Maison des Archis put at your disposal many design kitchens, designed to embellish your home, but also to allow you to evolve in a functional kitchen made to last in time.

Looking for a cheap designer kitchen?

Come and choose your kitchen among the many models presented on our showroom in Toulon. While many colors can be used to decorate a kitchen, the white is one of those that give it the look and the seal, a certain charisma so to speak. We fall right here in the idea of minimalism.

It is said that a white kitchen has style, this little something that can make all the difference.  In any case, we will see that the effect is even more accentuated if light sources are arranged carefully.

In short, decorating a white kitchen must meet a number of requirements and you will find all the inspiration you need to create your own white kitchen by following our advice below. Good visit!

Where to Find the Best Quiet Blender


Blender, or it is also known as food processor or juicer, is already a staple in most household kitchen. Blender is essential for those who love to make smoothies for their healthy diet. Those who regularly use blender in their kitchen knows very well how annoying the loud noise when the blender operates. Sometimes, you can hear anything else but the blender noise when you make the juice or smoothie.

Is there any better option to prevent your precious ears hurting any longer? Thankfully, now we can find quiet blender for our kitchen. With the new advancement in motor technology and more advanced blade designs, the latest models of blender are way quieter than the older models. But still, some of us have more sensitive ears and want the best possible one and that is the quietest blender for the kitchen.

When it comes to the quietest blender than it is about the decibel of noise from the blender when operates in full power. It would be really hard to compare available models in the market since it would be impossible to try them one by one. But you don’t need to worry because Quiet Household already got your covered. This is a website dedicated to household appliances with quiet operation sound.

Quiet Household has quiet blender buying guide for those who love to make smoothie but hates the annoying noise from the blender. The guide features top ranked quiet blender models selected from different criteria. You can find brief information on the specs, performance, and pros and cons from each featured blender model. You can also find the rating for each featured blender model and recommendation where to buy it with the best price. It won’t be difficult to finally find the most suitable one for your kitchen and for you needs.

Wooden Floors in Kitchens – A Modern Trend

Kitchens have always been one of the important places in every home and in the modern-day, they have become even more important. In the past, kitchens were usually a separate walled room which was almost isolated from the rest of the home. Then there came the trend of open style kitchens that were connected with the living rooms. This allows the entire family to stay connected with each other. So whether or not you have open kitchen in your home, flooring has always remained an element of concern for you.

The two most common types of kitchen floors include the tiled floors and wooden floors. The best way to choose the type of floor that can fit your needs is to hire the services of a professional interior designer. You can find the best interior designer in your city through the online real estate and construction portals. A professional can help you manage the cost as well as the floor type in the most efficient manner.

The wooden kitchen floor is a choice of many people out there in the modern era. The use of wood may enhance the beauty of a room however it has slight drawbacks too. A number of people love natural beauty and prefer incorporating natural elements inside their home than the artificial ones. These people prefer having springy feel of a hardwood floor beneath their feet than the hard and tiring ceramic tiles. Below are the pros and cons of wooden kitchen floors:


It looks elegant: The hardwood kitchen floors look extremely gorgeous and if polished professionally, they are breathtaking. The timeless look of a hardwood floor never makes it go out of style. Depending on the kind of wood you choose for your kitchen floor, you can add true lavishness and style to your home.

It adds value to home: Hardwood floors installed in a professional manner are undoubtedly a great investment. They add great value to your home which is why many construction firms install wooden floors in the kitchens of houses they build for selling purposes.

It feels comfortable: The hardwood floor feels more comfortable and relaxing than any other floor especially when you walk barefooted on it. No matter it is summer or winter, you can walk barefoot on the wooden floor and enjoy the amazing feel.

It is Relatively Forgiving: If you accidentally drop breakable item on a wooden floor, there is a chance for it to stay unbroken, the reason being forgiving nature of the wooden floor. So there is a possibility for you to get a second chance with wooden flooring in your kitchen.


It is susceptible to water damage: The hardwood floor is vulnerable to liquids which is its biggest disadvantage. You need to be really careful regarding the leaks in your kitchen in order to avoid your wooden floor getting ruined. Besides, water damages the polish of wooden floor making it dull and less glossy than it actually was.

It needs frequent cleaning: A hardwood floor needs to be cleaned on frequent basis. Although it is easy to maintain yet you need cleaning it on daily basis. All the spills need to be wiped off and vacuumed immediately to avoid floor getting spoiled.

It is very sensitive: There is no doubt about the fact that hardwood floors are very sensitive. They need to be handled carefully because they are susceptible to dents, scratches and stains. Since the hardwood floor needs to be babied, it is avoided by many people out there.

Before you decide opting for hardwood flooring, you need to choose the type of wood such as oak or maple. The softer woods which include cherry or pine are to be avoided because of their susceptibility to dents and scratches.

How to Choose the Best Floor for Kitchen Rooms

Irrespective of how small or big your budget might be, there are several high quality, cost-effective types of floors that are considered for use in kitchens.

Choosing Materials

Many options for materials exist with regards to kitchen floors. Picking the best material for kitchen floor rooms might be a case of appearance and style preferences, along with budget concerns. Normally, floors use hardwood, or a variety of tiles.


The best tile for kitchen floor rooms needs has to be robust, durable, quick to clean, easy to maintain and suitable for use in high foot fall rooms. Tiles are made of several materials, thus there are lots of choices to contemplate.

Natural Stone Flooring

The feel and appearance of natural stone can give warmth to a room and offer a rustic, yet new look. The texture and color of stone brings a natural element into a house. Choices include marble, granite, travertine, limestone, slate, etc.

Vinyl Tiles

These tiles are a perfect alternative to costly materials, such as natural stone. Homeowners can pick a vinyl tile design which appears and feels the same as materials such as stone and wood, while avoiding the high price tags.

Porcelain Tiles

These tiles are a form of ceramic and extremely tough. They are water-resistant and are not damaged easily by moisture. This is the reason these tiles are used in bathrooms and regarded as the best floor for kitchen rooms.

Wooden Floors

The best wood floor for kitchen rooms use hardwood for longevity and to withstand prolonged footfall. In order to find the best hardwood floor for kitchen rooms, there are several elements to consider.

Choosing the Wood Species

Maple, oak and cherry woods are all excellent choices for floors, as they are the toughest species. Particular wood grains (like oak) hide stains and dents in the floor better than others.

Choosing the best possible Finish

Before a wooden floor that is suitable for a kitchen can be used, you need to treat the wood with a transparent finish. You can reapply an water based finish on the entire floor, or use it to touch up particular areas when required.

Cohesive Appearance

For cabinets made of particular types of wood, it is better to attempt to match it. If not, then you should pick a grain of wood that complements it. Think about the amount of natural light that your kitchen gets during the day, to get a realistic idea of the way the floor will appear after fitting.

Kitchen Flooring and the Making of a Home

“Home is where the heart is”. This idiom continues to reverberate, with almost certainty, the importance of home and family in anyone’s life. Throughout centuries, and in whatever nation, society has regarded family as its basic unit. In more civilized societies where family life is more defined and given more expression, the home ceases to be just a dwelling; it is the place where every boy or girl learns life’s first few lessons that have far more lasting impact than the schoolroom education he or she later acquires.

The kind of family life each member of the family experiences, dictates in part, how each would manage to take on his role in the larger stage of life, where he ultimately becomes a part of – the world. What becomes of him – success or failure – redounds to the kind of home he gets. Often, it is said, “you can take the person out of his home, but you can never take away the memory of home from the person”.

Inside homes today, kitchens are no longer confined to the definition of a place where food is prepared and served. It has metamorphosed from a place of pots and pans into becoming the “heart and soul” of every home. Life has become complicated and time seems to have become too short that in the hustle and bustle of daily life, the kitchen is the only place where the family gets to meet. No wonder, among the various parts of the house, putting up the kitchen takes the most effort.
Kitchen flooring should withstand its “battles” everyday. It should be made of flooring material durable enough to endure high traffic, spills and the common wear and tear.
Today, laminate flooring becomes an easy favorite because of its elegant looks in the kitchen resembling wood or stone, but priced reasonably low. It is durable and cleans easily, too. Most laminate dealers would even offer free tips on how to install laminate flooring.

Ceramics are chosen in most homes because of their durability to withstand traffic and spills, and their decorative potential when laid out in different sizes and colors;

Linoleum and vinyl are both inexpensive kitchen flooring, and easy to clean. Linoleum is favored by most housewives who have small children that often scribble anywhere, and would drop almost anything on the floor. Even if it’s scratched by blunt objects or cut, your linoleum flooring can still hold it up beautifully since its pattern is not just on the surface but runs throughout the flooring material; minor scratches, cuts and spill marks are less noticeable.

Today, hardwood is becoming a new favorite again. It now comes with a topcoat or sealer, which protects it from water damage. For elegant home styles, however, stone flooring is irreplaceable. It gives the look reminiscent of castles and for those who truly want their homes to exude class and distinction, stone flooring gets the upper hand.

Whatever is your choice, your kitchen flooring gets only thumbs up when it meets your lifestyle, it blends well with the other parts of the house, easy to clean, resistant to heavy traffic and has aesthetic value – only then you can be on your way to the making of an abode worthy to be called “home”.