Luxury kitchen design with a style apart


Do you want to buy or renovate your kitchen?

The Archis House offers many styles and styles of cuisine: a modern kitchen, design or luxury, which will seduce you? Discover their characteristics and find the kitchen that will meet your expectations in terms of performance and aesthetics.

MODERN kitchen

Interior Design Kelapa Gading is today the trend. This style is suitable for households wishing an interior in time. Modernity also means design, functionality. The great kitchen designers and you have created simple and chic furniture, but also at the forefront of technology. The modern kitchen is often equipped with modular furniture, trendy colors and a simple but practical side. The Maison des Archis, cook on Toulon, offers you kitchens combining flexibility of composition and ergonomics.

Treat yourself to modern cuisine by choosing from the many models presented on the website of La Maison des Archis, or come and discover them at the Toulon showroom. Find your ideal modern kitchen that is cheap, customizable and tailor-made.

DESIGN kitchen

A true trend of the moment, the Interior Contractor Kelapa Gading Rawasari furnishes your interior perfectly. If you want an aesthetic kitchen and up to date, the kitchen design is for you. The designer partners of La Maison des Archis put at your disposal many design kitchens, designed to embellish your home, but also to allow you to evolve in a functional kitchen made to last in time.

Looking for a cheap designer kitchen?

Come and choose your kitchen among the many models presented on our showroom in Toulon. While many colors can be used to decorate a kitchen, the white is one of those that give it the look and the seal, a certain charisma so to speak. We fall right here in the idea of minimalism.

It is said that a white kitchen has style, this little something that can make all the difference.  In any case, we will see that the effect is even more accentuated if light sources are arranged carefully.

In short, decorating a white kitchen must meet a number of requirements and you will find all the inspiration you need to create your own white kitchen by following our advice below. Good visit!