New techniques products to give you best facility nowadays.


1. A connected New Technology bracelet to protect yourself from coronavirus

One of the recommendations to protect yourself from corona virus is not to touch your face. Immutouch is a connected bracelet available on iOS and Android, for the modest sum of € 47, which can help you comply with this instruction. To prevent the virus from spreading, American entrepreneurs have developed a smart bracelet that vibrates every time you touch your face. The bracelet consists of a sensor compatible with any smartphone and which tracks the movements of the person. It emits a vibration each time his hand approaches his face.

Interest in your business: As much as prudence is mother of safety, necessity is mother of invention. In these difficult times, some entrepreneurs are seizing opportunities. You could say that this innovative and preventive technology is inspiring.

 2. Amazon launches a range of automatic cash registers for merchants

Amazon announced last week that it would start a new business, selling the automated teller technology used in its points of sale to other stores. Walk Out, Amazon’s new technology, allows customers to insert a credit card through a turnstile to enter. Then the individual selects products which will then be added to a virtual basket. When they exit, their credit card will be credited, thereby eliminating the cash area and barcode scanning.

Interest in your business: The future of local commerce lies in this kind of technology. And traders who go against the tide of the automatic teller machine will find themselves in difficulty in the years to come. Of course, other companies will be on the market to automate stores. But at the moment, Amazon’s automated teller services and payment apps are popular on the market.

3. Microsoft attack hijacked

This week, Microsoft fought a botnet (attack by cyber criminals against a computer network) known to have hacked millions of computers across the globe. Microsoft has attacked Necurs, a Russian criminal organization, after eight years of preparation. Indeed, they have watched them take over nine million computers worldwide, sending spam, confusing the stock market and creating ransomware that takes the computer out of service until received. of payment. All from the headquarters of Microsoft’s Digital Crime Unit in Washington.

Interest in your business: This story is just one example of more big companies going after cyber criminals without waiting for the government to do it for them. But it also shows that small technology companies can be useful to large ones, by providing them with services or applications. Obviously, they also have to make sure themselves that their data is protected. But it is good to know that big suppliers like Microsoft, invest without counting in the protection of their data. 

4. Spot-On invested $ 50 million to compete with Square

Spot-On, a company specializing in payment solutions, recently invested $ 50 million in Series B financing, with the intention of continuing to grow the business after a successful year. Spot-On also offers marketing, scheduling and other small business services. Its revenues increased by 150% in 2019 and since the beginning of 2020, 5,000 customers have already registered. With this funding, SpotOn intends to develop its business both in the United States and around the world.

Interest in your business: According to Ingrid Lunden of Tec Crunch, “This latest investment from former Twitter executives is interesting since the current CEO of Twitter is also the CEO of Square, who is one of SpotOn’s biggest competitors.

5. QuickBooks has improved the integration of PayPal for SMEs.

Intuit announced last week that they will roll out several new digital features that will solve the problems that often lead SMEs to go bankrupt in the first few years. QuickBooks would have specific solutions to improve areas such as salaries and administration, late payments, payments, and forecasting cash flow.